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We built our cloud based solution to be affordable. We don't charge per tech or per user. Our pricing is 50%-75% cheaper than our competitors. We have been doing this for over 10 years and our parent company has been in the business for over 25 years. In that time we figured out how to do things more efficiently. You can get up and running for as little as $79/month.

Customization is key to making our software stand out. We spent extra time making sure you are never stuck with a one size fits all solution. Our software allows you to define which fields, colors, features and reports you want to use. You even get to decide how they act when you use them. Best of all, our team helps you make things perfect. You never have to guess your way through setting up your help desk.

Work Flow
Automatically routes requests to the responsible parties. Requests automatically go to the correct person(s) to handle the issue(s). So when a user has a leak in their office, Maintenance knows about it. If the user needs printer paper purchasing gets the request. And when a user can't login the request goes to the tech department. Only manage your issues not everyone else's.

Security is on everyones mind including ours. We include captcha, SSL, database encryption, unique passwords, universal passwords, password storage for devices and your data is separate from all other THD customers.

Cloud Based
Our system is 100% Cloud based. This means you have nothing to install, nothing to manage and nothing to backup. Everything runs in your browser. We don't require agents or applets. Think how much easier things are when you don't have to maintain them.

Free Support
We use our ThinkHelpDesk software to handle requests from our clients. You can open a request and our team will solve the issue ASAP. Free setup help is also part of the support we offer.

Daily Backup
Your data is backed up every hour, every day, because protecting your information is important. We also allow you to download your data whenever you want.

LDAP Integration
LDAP integration is available. We can help you tie your Help Desk into your Directory. Our engineering team will work with you to make sure your integration goes smoothly and is completely secure.

Asset Tracking
Asset tracking is a built in feature. This enables you to tie assets to both users and tickets. When a user request comes in you always have all the information you need when you need it.

Check List
You can setup check lists for your users. After they open a request. A pop-up check list will make sure they have some basic information to try to solve their own issue.

Star Rating
A simple system that allows feedback from your users. The Star Rating system allows users to answer questions you want to know. It will show up as an option in their email notice when the ticket is closed. The users can rate and comment on the service they received and this information can be shared with a manager, a team or be anonymous.

Quick Quote
Get a quick quote from a vendor to complete your task. The system will send out a request to approved vendors and tie the responses to the request. This way you can see all the info in the ticket and not have to search through lots of mailboxes.

Tech & Learning Magazine

"This simple-to-use help desk flows the way educators think, reducing the need for training and maximizing the effect this program will have on a school's efficiency."

- Put to the Test:
   Tech and Learning January 2010.

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Cloud Help Desk and 1 Location
Unlimited Tech Seats
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Groups
Includes Asset Tracker
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Add Locations
Required for each additional location.
Plus Basic Plan Monthly Fee

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LDAP Integration makes managing
your users a snap.
Plus Basic Plan Monthly Fee
One time Setup Fee Required of $495
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Additional Help Desk
Allows the Seperation of Department Data. ie. Maintenance & Tech can each manage thier data seperately.
Includes Splash Screen Landing Page
No additional location fees (Shares main plan locations)
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Pricing is easy!

You pay a fee that can be paid Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.
If you pay annually you get a baker's dozen - you get a free month.

So how much is it already you ask!

We charge $79.00 per month for hosting your Help Desk on our servers and for the use of the software.
This fee includes one location or site license. (We don't care how many users or help desk staff use it.)
Each additional Location/Site License is only an additional $9.99/ month.

So lets do a quick quote for a small school system.

This school has 3,000 students, and 500 teachers/staff and they have 2 technicians and three maintenance people that want to use the system.
We don't care! We base the cost on locations not users. So this school also has 3 locations. They have a High School, Middle School and
Elementary School, so they would pay just $79 for the hosting and software (which includes one location license) and 2 additional locations
at $9.99 per site or $19.98 (2 x $9.99) per month.

That works out to only;


That's less than $100/month to take care of all those students, staff and locations.

Call us at 800-501-3282 to start your free trial!

No Credit Card Required - No Obligation after 30 Days.

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